The organizers of Sol-SkyMag 2019 conference can issue Invitation letter to those who need to apply for Spanish visa. Please, contact Embassy of Spain in the country of your origin to ask about list of required documents for Spanish visa application (list of documents, type of Invitation letter, period of visa issuing etc.). We will need around 1-2 weeks in order to prepare and send original Invitation letter to your local mailing address. So, please, start visa application procedure in advance, because demands on the list of documents, time of visa issuing can vary within the countries.

Those who need Invitation letter to apply for a Spanish visa should contact our secretary at so we can prepare your Invitation letter. Please, indicate in your e-mail the following information:

  • Your full name as it is written your PASSPORT (if applicable - full name of accompanying person as it is written their passport)
  • Country of citizenship (if applicable - country of citizenship of your accompanying person)
  • Your passport number (if applicable - passport number of your accompanying person)
  • Your affiliation
  • Your exact mailing address (we will send your Invitation letter to the mail address indicated)