We strongly suggest to book accommodation as soon as possible (you can book it with an option of free cancellation etc.). Here is the list of some hotels which we suggest

Hotel Category Single Room Double Room Comments
Sercotel Codina ★★★ 85€, 96€ 97€, 120€ 300 meters from the beach
Hotel La Galeria ★★ 75€ 115€ Located on the beach, located in a 19th century french building
Palacio de Aiete ★★★★ 99€ 99€ Hotel is located near a beuatiful park
Olarain Residence 63€ 93€ University residence, 500 m from the beach, quiet place
Hotel Avenida ★★★ 100€ 106€ 800 meters from the beach, located on the top of the mountain, nice view of the city
Mercure Monte Igueldo ★★★★ 105€ 140€ Located on the top of Igueldo mountain, incredible view of the bay and city, a bus ride / funicular recommended to get to the conference
Zenit San Sebastian ★★★★ 126€ 134€ Located near plaza Pio XII (bus station)
Barcelo Costa Vasca ★★★★ 153€ 170€ 500 meters from the beach
Hotel Ezeiza ★★ 95€ 115€ Located on the beach
Hotel Niza ★★★ 64€ 191€ Located on the beach

For your convenience here are some websites for booking hotels:,,,,

Also, you can rent apartments on the web - We suggest to find fellow-travellers and rent apartment for the group of 2-4 people.